Of course I had to stop by work and visit one of my favorite people ever @jordin_anthony.💙✨ I don’t do this very often but go follow this kid because he is seriously the greatest & I love him mucho! 😈✨ #dcp #dcp2014 #dcpfall2014 #mnsshp #emporium  (at Magic Kingdom- Emporium)

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor by SBC Disney on Flickr.

Rapunzel on Flickr.

Princess Fairytale Hall (by OrlandoTiger)

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mickey’s not so scary halloween party by theganjagrouch on flickr.

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shut up and drive was still a very weird soundtrack decision for that scene in wreck-it ralph

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World Disney World - Orlando - Florida - USA (von SpreadTheMagic)

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